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The mission of the Indiana Environmental Health Association is to promote, preserve and protect environmental public health in the State of Indiana, and to encourage a spirit of cooperation among all environmental health stakeholders while serving its members in the regulatory, industry and academic communities.

Organizational Structure

The Indiana Environmental Health Association (IEHA) is a non profit organization of professional environmental health personnel who work to control environmental hazards to permit attainment of optimum human health.  Members are employed by federal, state and local governments, schools, medical care facilities, industries, trade organizations, solid waste districts and are educators and students of environmental health.  IEHA works closely with other Environmental and Public Health Protection Agencies and Departments.  IEHA is at the forefront of the Environmental and Public Health arena and maintains a well-earned reputation of "being involved".

The geographic body of the Indiana Environmental Health Association is structured as eight (8) regions or Chapters of the state, designated as follows: Northwest, Northeast, Wabash Valley, Central, West Central, East Central, Southern, and Southeastern. The body of each Chapter shall be made up of those counties located within the boundaries set and approved by the Executive Board. The approved Chapter regions are outlined in Appendix A of this document.

In 2018 the Association has 387 active members.  Of those active members, there are 328 regular members, 39 lifetime members, 10 sustaining members, 4 retired members, 3 student members, 2 honorary members, and 1 associate member.  The membership represents 73 (79%) of Indiana’s 92 counties. 

Cross Agency Collaborations

            The Indiana Environmental Health Association routinely collaborates with other state and national organizations.  The IEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association and the International Association of Food Protection.  The IEHA collaborates with multiple state agencies to meet its mission, such as the Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Public Health Association, the Indiana Vector Control Association, and the majority of local and city health departments across the state. 

Strategic Objectives and Performance Standards

Strategic Objective #1: Increase the number of counties represented in the Indiana Environmental Health Association by 10%. 

Overview: In 2018 there are 387 members.  52 of those members did not have a county listed in the online membership database.  Those members with a county listed in represent 73 of Indiana’s 92 counties.  A list of membership by county can be found in Appendix B.  While IEHA members represent 79% of Indiana Counties there are 19 counties not represented by IEHA members. 

Ownership:  Membership Committee

Potential Tasks: Update active member information in IEHA database, make contact with county leadership or public health officials from counties not represented by IEHA membership, discuss barriers to IEHA involvement, and offer free memberships for counties not represented by IEHA.

Strategic Objective #2:  Increase membership with younger professionals, with less than 5 years of experience, and students by 20%.

Overview:  In 2018 there were only 3 student members in the Association.  Additionally there were 8 new members to the Association in 2018.  As members leave the Association due to retirement, relocation, career changes, and other reasons we must have a reliable pipeline of new members.  Engaging students and young professionals is critical to sustaining a robust active membership. 

Ownership: Membership Committee

Potential Tasks:  Add a category to IEHA membership database to capture years in field, purchase materials to set up an IEHA booth at conferences and trade fairs, start an IEHA student chapter at a local university or college, encourage student involvement in conference through poster presentations, and engage students and young professionals to better understand barriers to IEHA membership.

trategic Objective #3:  Increase members with nationally recognized certifications by 10%

Overview:  IEHA does not currently track the number of members with nationally recognized certifications.  These certifications further the essential public health service of ensuring a qualified public health workforce. 

Ownership:  Committee on Professional and Education Development

Potential Tasks: Develop a list of nationally recognized certifications further the mission of IEHA, add a category to IEHA membership database to capture certifications held by members, survey membership to find barriers to obtaining and maintaining certifications, and try to develop solutions to help members overcome barriers to obtaining and maintaining certifications.

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