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Strategic Plan



The mission of the Indiana Environmental Health Association is to promote, preserve and protect environmental public health in the State of Indiana, and to encourage a spirit of cooperation among all environmental health stakeholders while serving its members in the regulatory, industry and academic communities.

Organizational Structure

The Indiana Environmental Health Association (IEHA) is a non-profit organization of professional environmental health personnel who work to control environmental hazards in the interest of optimum human health.  Members are employed by federal, state and local governments, schools, medical care facilities, industries, trade organizations, solid waste districts and are educators and students of environmental health.  IEHA works closely with other Environmental and Public Health Protection Agencies and Departments.  IEHA maintains a well-earned reputation of being heavily involved in the field of Environmental and Public Health.

The geographic body of the Indiana Environmental Health Association is structured as eight (8) regions of the state, referred to as Chapters.  These are designated as follows: Northwest, Northeast, Wabash Valley, Central, West Central, East Central, Southern, and Southeastern. The body of each Chapter is made up of those counties located within the boundaries set and approved by the Executive Board. The approved Chapter regions are outlined in Appendix A of this document.

In 2023 the Association has 387 active members.  Of those active members, there are 328 regular members, 39 lifetime members, 10 sustaining members, 4 retired members, 3 student members, 2 honorary members, and 1 associate member.  The membership represents 73 (79%) of Indiana’s 92 counties. 

Cross Agency Collaborations

            The Indiana Environmental Health Association routinely collaborates with other state and national organizations.  The IEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association and the International Association of Food Protection.  The IEHA collaborates with multiple state agencies to meet its mission, such as the Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Public Health Association, the Indiana Vector Control Association, and most local and city health departments across the state. 

Strategic Objectives and Performance Standards for 2023-2026

1) Increase participation in Spring and Fall conferences to at least 85% of Indiana’s 92 Counties. (2022 Fall conference attendance per different Counties was about 47%)  - Membership Committee, Program Committee, COPED

2) Increase information being provided to IEHA members by an estimated 25%.  Designate a specific person to have responsibility to maintain an informational monthly email disbursement within IEHA membership.   This email would include notification of upcoming events, legislation, available grants, educational opportunities such as webinars, symposiums and trainings, including those from other agencies.  Information on outside conferences to be provided that may be useful to environmentalists. This monthly email will not interfere with or in any way circumvent or usurp the current IEHA newsletter.  This email is for current event promotion and information. The email is to notify all IEHA membership on at least 3 upcoming events of environmental interest.  OWNERSHIP ; a volunteer from IEHA.  This person to perform research and investigation of opportunities and create monthly informational email.  The person to commit to a year of these duties, Jan- Dec.

3) Increase student membership by at least 100% (2022 student membership was 2)  Marketing to  be improved and ramped up to  universities/colleges/community colleges that have  Environmental certificates/degrees in order to recruit student memberships.  Examine possibly reducing the cost of student membership or eliminating student membership cost. -  OWNERSHIP -  Membership Committee

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

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