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From the President

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the year already! Summertime is in full swing for Environmental Health and keeping everyone busy with all the many added duties that warm weather brings to Public Health. Each day brings new work to complete along with unexpected issues that always arise. It is easy to feel frustrated and many of you may end your workday feeling stressed, tired, worn out and sometimes defeated over a circumstance that perhaps did not get resolved or not resolved in the manner you wished for after investing so much time.

Take a moment to remember why you chose a career in Public Health and why you continue to stay in this field. There is a passion within a Public Health servant's

heart and mind, and perhaps sometimes it just gets dulled or tucked away. I am encouraging each of you to reignite that passion within yourselves! Recall a time when you ended your workday feeling proud of an accomplishment where you saw firsthand results of your hard work. I have spoken with many of you about how much I have always felt that IEHA is such a great source of Mental Health therapy - whether you realize it or not. Stay involved with your local chapter meetings and
activities and attend the annual spring and fall educational conferences. These events provide a time not only to network and share ideas, but also engage with colleagues across the state who can relate to you as perhaps your family and
friends might not fully understand.

I strongly encourage you to attend the 2022 IEHA Fall Conference in September. More information about the conference is elsewhere in this journal and on

our website at

Stay safe and healthy my fellow IEHA friends. I'll see you all in the fall!

Holley M. Rose

2022 President, Indiana Environmental Health Association

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